Monday, January 30, 2012

Marijke's BD

Last week Marijke had her birthday, and to celebrate it,
 Mr Mitsuda and his family took us out for Dinner.
Yes, Dinner with a capital D.
Okura Hotel in Hakata.

First, with all of us, very comfy and cosy  
in the lounge: Some Bubblies.

On the way upstairs to the restaurant, we passed this 
O Hima Matsuri display (dolls display for girls day= March 3rd)).
Aint Marijke one of them?

On the menu was Tempura, but as a starter we had some superdooper sashime.
And you know we luff raw fish.

The bits and pieces for the tempura are ready...
Shrimp, mushrooms, fugu, scallop, oysters, eel,
green beans, tree potato, onion, lotus root, egg plant...
Just to mention a few!
And all so perfectly done. Yummy.
Good tempura all depends on the Right oil, Right temperature and of course the Right ingredients in the right order.
And, to know when to say: That's enough.

The last dish was some tempura & rice 
with warm green tea poured on top of it.

 We made it home that night...
Well fed and with very happy tommies.
Thank you Shacho san.

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