Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Don't we all get some Trouble by times?
Well, Fu Kyo scored 3 in a row in 1 week.

The pix here below shows the heart of the 
on board AC power system.
It's a 9.5 Kw diesel that can make plenty of watts needed for the 4 air-con systems.

Too bad,  in Her Only 500 Hours Life, 
i had to replace the raw-water impeller already too often.
Total score now: 4 times.
Last week it as Bingo Again: Trouble # 1

See here some "evidence".
Faulty pump? Or faulty plumbing?
(1 impeller here in japan goes for 9000 yen!).

A few days later.
Trouble # 2

 The genny had been running non-stop & trouble free for almost 48 hours. 
When we went for a meal ashore the system got some rest...
And got restarted 3 hours later.
Time for sleepies with 2 aircons going...

At midnight we woke up with the boat filled with nasty smoke..
Tell you, that was No Fun!
Took a few hours to figure out Where, What and maybe Why. 
And to get over the shock.
Luckily there were no flames, just overheated electric wires and thus melting plastics.

Only the next day i discovered the emergency 
Fire Extinguisher Port.
Shame on Who.. 
( me too, i should have seen that error before!!)
The port was nicely all covered up by a boat-factory installed  air-hose!

The top part of the control section shows some very hot evidence.

To cool-down from the Onan troubles i had Patto San hoist me to the top of the mast for rigging checks.

This is the top part of the jib furler.
The big round donut just sits on top of the black plastic ring right at the end of the aluminium furling profile.

Lifting the donut...
Ouch, an other Oops.
Trouble # 3.
Inside the top part of this tube should be a special made plastic bush to keep the for-stay in the center and to avoid the aluminium<>for-stay contact.
Had it fallen out?
The SS circle-clip is also dislocated.

Hmmm, repairs for Fukuoka. we come.


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