Saturday, February 1, 2020

Shikoku by camper Billie Bee

After all these years in Japan, we found ourselves setting wheels and feet on the island of Shikoku.
And what a pleasant surprise it was.

Billie Bee Bus.
At the base of Yufu dake in Oita Prefecture.
Last stop before getting on the ferry at Beppu.

Land Ho.

And the exploring started right away...

Lots and lots of roads like this.
Exciting..and by times...oh no!!
But be assured, the roads are safe and super safe..
Just not looking forward to traffic coming from the other direction. 
Of course it happened sometimes.
So,  we learned how to back-up.

Good Morning New Day.

 Nice view, isn't it?

Of course we had to try the  famous longggg Shikoku noodles.

Campers of same make and color flock together.

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