Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yo-Yo-ing on Mt Sefuri...

The weather is still wonderful and
so the plan was made for an other early rise.
This time it had Mt Sefuri "On the Menu", 
but not the normal way of a trail-run....
First go to the top by car, then trail-run down and then....
TR up again... 

Top arrow shows were Alishan is and
 the bottom one points to Mt Sefuri.

At the top.
With buddy-runners Noriko and Ohara sensei waiting for......

Today's Sunrise!
And what a beauty it was.

Walking back to the car-park we spotted an other little jewel.
Oh the Glory of Early Mornings!

But we had come here with our running shoes....So, soon we were on our way.. zoeffing down the hill...
Of course that was fast going and good fun.
After about 2 was time to go....Up-Up-Up...
Tell you, it's a weird order of mountain-yo-yo-ing.

At one stage i had to stop to take this shot...looking SW.
In the far-far distance ( left of middle) we could see 
Mt Unsen....
Hmmmm, next target?


And That......Dear Abby.... what we did after climbing those hills....

We soaked in the steaming hot-spring and enjoyed the last moments of sunshine on the red-leaved hills.
What a perfect day, again.

I bet you wish you were there too.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Esther did it Again, part 1

Sooooo many times we have driven out of Fukuoka City,
heading east, west, south....
(see last picture in this post).
And ALWAYS wondered what those hills near Kurume City were 
we could see in the distance, ...
Somehow they were never on our stop-list.
But finally Esther got the honor to take us there!

In the hills (Mt Koura) just next to Kurume City sits this temple.
Koura Taisya Shrine.
Over the years we have seen "a few"....
 ...and still it's always nice to spend some moments near a temple.
This one is definitely a "returner".

The front-gate from the inside...great view out there.

Kurume City down below and in the far distance, a bit to the left: Mt Sefuri...
BTW, Mt Sefuri we can also see from the cockpit of Alishan,
 from the other side of course and....if the weather is clear. 

As at most temples, you can post a "wish".
Those on the Left are personal and hand-written,
those on the Right...are lucky draws...

The road was mostly on the ridge of this mountain range, 
with great views left and right.
Here once more facing N.
Ahhh, the Lady with the Nikon beat me to it...

Not a road to meet too many cars from the opposite direction.....

We offered this fellow a ride, but he said that his pick-up would come "soon".

After the hills near Kurume we drove further east.
Marijke wanted to see
the big river that marks Hita Town.
Always good for spotting birds and....

This time of the year the AYU swims around.
Indeed tasty river fish.
Here a river-side eatery with an AYU fish trap set-up.

Just watch the fish swim into the trap!
Not a bad job...

Arrow top-left: Alishan.
The arrow in the middle is Mt Koura & mountain range we drove.
And at the arrow right-bottom: Hita town.

That was another great spin with Esther.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Busy Season

Yep, it's a busy season.
With 3 times a mountain top inspection in 1 week.
So many great follow...

Just 1 for warming-up...

or how about this video...


Saturday, October 6, 2012

Socks on the Floor

See Wakame?

Do you really think she emptied the socks drawer.....??

Maybe you wonder where Nori and Wakame go and 
**get their yearly medical check-ups & shots,  
**stay in that 4-Mouse Hotel when we are not around, 
** and like last time with Nori...get stitched up??

is the place.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Autumn Sunset

Looking west (of course) from the top floor of the car-park at the Nokonoshima ferry building.

That's all for today,