Thursday, July 30, 2009

Almost back to sea level

Alishan and the gang moved further down stream.
Now position:
2 degree 24.8N
111 degree 24.3E
We're at anchor in front of Kampong Senop...and the locals tell us we are the first boats to stop here! It's indeed a nice place to walk around...that is, if you're not stopped by the people because they alll want to talk to you. AND that is so nice about cruising by boat: you get to places where no other "tourist" can go.
90% of the "town" is built on stilts...High tide can be really high by times. Too bad again that rubbish does end-up under those stilts.
Yesterday we made a sightseeing trip to the local Palm Oil Factory.


Rajang River Rovers

With sy Silent Wish and sy Alk.
The Queen of Holland should be proud 'bout this small Dutch fleet of the Old Days?

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sibu City

Alishan arrived at Sibu City ( not Cebu, that is in the Philippines).
2 degree 16.9N
111 degree 49.5E
The city is very Chinese, so we feel "at home". The daily market is superb with lots of jungle food for sale.
Of course we will try them all...except the sago palm beetle larvae
Too bad our Coolpix L6 camera died...but we were able to score a L20, so pictures will continue to flow.

This point is the turn-around for our Rajang River Cruise as there is a 10 meter bridge around the corner. It looks like we will be here a few more days as a trip by ferry to Kapit is on the program, and there is enough to do, see and shop here. 90% of all transport is done by floats..hence, for engine bits it is a shopping paradise.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Inland, not Island

To find out where Alishan is, you should Google Earth this position:

2 degree 10.5N
111 degree 40.8E

AND again, what a charm this place is.


Sunday, July 19, 2009

Rajang River Relaxing

Alishan left Santubong last week, stayed 2 nights at Lakei Island (nice place, could have stayed longer!) and made an uneventful trip across to the Rajang River. Well, not really uneventful as we had a great sail for a few hours! As soon as we entered the river we dropped the anchor.
Yes as we are buddy boating with sy Silent Wish with crew Ellen and Jits. Good fun indeed.
Now we are at the small town Sarikei, and what a charm it is. Mostly thanks to the people!
2 degree 08.0N
111 degree 30.8E
AND yes here we also have a super Internet connection so...we were able to do the final touch .. But OF COURSE you already have noticed it: Q2 report 2009 NEW
This small fleet will motor further up the river some time this week.

Friday, July 17, 2009

25 years On the Move

Yes that's us.
Today 25 years ago we left Holland on board of sy Jan Haring.
And still happily On the Move!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Santubong Update

Did we have a nice day when Caroline & family and Jan & family took us out into the Kuching wopwops.
The main goal was a traditional LONGHOUSE. And indeed it was traditional. No tourist do come out so far into the jungle. But Jan and Caroline have special links with this longhouse. Of course Marijke took great pictures...I'll try to get some soon.
And yes it was close to the border with our telephones said: Welcome to Indonesia.

On the way home we also stopped at a "commercial" longhouse ( we had to pay an entree fee to see the place..and hence empty beer cans left and right...)

This week we also went to see the Urang Utan Rehab Center. A MUST if you are in Kuching. These boys and girls are so comfy up there in the trees...
And we did the Kuching Cat Museum. A MUST if you have Nori and Wakame.

Now it is Friday, day 1 of the Rainforest Music Festival. We might end-up there for a few hours...


PS the Q1 update is still at the printer. Stories are done and a few pictures are uploaded. The Internet connection works by times okay and suddenly...poooffff..grgrgr

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Santubong Blues

Alishan lies happily for (behind) anchor here at the river entrance in front of the small town of Santubong.
Did you Google Earth the place?
Now about 35 yachts are here, all more or less ready to gear up for that Rainforest Music Festival.
Dolphins and even, a bit more upstream, crocodiles are good for some entertainment;-))
Great place for pictures, walks, hikes and runs.
Marijke is shooting new species and Jaap is gone every morning with Asluag of sy Lady Ann...Running!
BUT ALSO: the new Q update is "at the printers" and that dirty diesel problem is under full attack!
A trip into Kuching town..... hmmm, that's a bit of a Day Job. It's a good 35 Km. and there are far and few buses.
Oh well, can't have it all.
Again we are not bored with our life style, and that is good!