Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 7

Flashback to a time before the pandemic.
That day, 4 of our campers were happily awaiting for the arrival of their customers at Fukuoka Airport.
Today, these and newer campers are eager waiting for your patronage.
DM for details and pricing

Summer 2021, one thing is for sure: Kyushu's rice crop is coming along nicely.
Come and see.
Of course, a rental camper is the way to go.

One-way rental could be the solution for your camper-road-trip plan.
See here 2 of our campers, on their way to Tokyo to meet our customers.
Then they will drive them leisurely back to Kyushu.
What a way to go.

Your camper road trip should also take you Shimabara peninsula in Nagasaki Pref.
Enjoy Mt Unzen Park, the scenery, the volcanic activity and of course the hot-springs.

Please meet Amabie as spotted in a park in Oita.
She is doing her best to ward off the coronavirus.
We need her now more than ever with the upcoming Olympics.
Go Amabie, Go for Gold.

These days " hacho tombo ", aka as scarlet dwarf, flies around. It's the smallest dragonfly in Japan, only 17~21 mm big. About the size of a 5 yen coin.
So finding it can be a bit of an effort 😉
Nanayama wetlands in Saga Pref is a good spot.

Good Morning Campers?
Ready for a new day?
What's the plan?
I bet a hot-spring visit will be on the to-do list.
Whatever, Kyushu is awesome.


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