Thursday, October 17, 2013

Much Delayed part 1

Do you know that song:

Video killed the radio star?

Well, i don't think of myself as a star, but Facebook really makes updates for Blogger less "Up-to-Date".
Here at Alishan on the Move...I suffer, ahum, from being connected to FB.
Of course with the bizz: Fukuoka Sunset Sailing, i have to be frequently online with updates, as you can understand.

Anyway, see here some pictures and yeps about what happened with Alishan and her Crew the last weeks.

Oh yes, Sunset Sails on board of Fu Kyo...

But one day in August, we found Esther the Car loaded with Dear Loved Ones.
Sister Jacqueline, sister Marleen, nephew Tom, Marijke, sister Hessel,
and our Japanese Paparien.
Sisters and Tom had arrived from overseas (Belgium, NZ, Holland, Korea) to be here for the Obon Festival.

But first we made a trip to Nagasaki, enjoying a sun-downer at the Dejima harbor front.

Remember, (see previous posting) this August was so grgrggrrr hot in Fukuoka...
so we escaped the heat and drove half-way up Mt Raizan, where a cooling water fall was an important item for our Summer Noodles Slurping Lunch. 
A Top Day that was.
Afterwards...we went for.....
 a soak in one of the cool-ish hot-springs...

But as mentioned, the family was here because of Obon.
Our mother/ grandmother had passed away last year and according to Japanese thinking, the first Obon Festival is an important one. 
Mum would be back with us for the few days before August 15 and then on Obon evening, she would make the return trip to means of a small boat.

the PIKIMANA is ready for the trip.
Loaded with some sakeh, pictures, a scarf, ...

Wow, isn't Fu Kyo perfect for this event?
As you can see, not a sad moment.
Before sunset we motor-sailed someways onto Hakata Bay...
Friends Nobuko and Noriko joined us.

Launching time....

some fire works to guide PIKIMANA and Mum into the right direction..


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  1. Super photo's. It was a good farewell and good memories! Thank you Marijke and Jaap