Thursday, December 23, 2010

Weather Links and Internet/phone info.

Here in Japan for weather info we use the following links:

JMA, weather map.

JMA, local wind situation. (from here it's easy to go to an other area).

JMA, local weather warning ( same).

JMA, local rain radar (same)., local forecast, for up to 5 days. (also easy to move to an other area).

Yes, you'll need internet on board. In this part of Japan: SailMail and Winlink connections are very poor!

Once we got our internet going…we had coverage almost anywhere between Ishigaki and Fukuoka.

BUT at this writing there is a catch:

It's not easy to get that mobile phone/internet account. Officially, only those with a "fixed" home address can get a contract. So for short term visiting cruising yachts… You'll have to make deal with a helpful Nippon resident.

The best mobile internet set-up is from DoCoMo.

Mind you, here in Fukuoka and so in other BIG cities, (Ishigaki is a small town) you can get Prepaid Internet with-out that "fixed" home address thing.

This internet connection is called B-Mobile.

Pre-paid mobile phones are, same story, also only available in Big Cities. See SoftBank for this.

Hope this might be of help.


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