Saturday, December 4, 2010

End of Autumn

This week was definite the end of autumn.
Of course it came with daily dropping temperatures, so Alishan got equipped with a kerosene heather.
On top of that: One day we had solid rain, thunder and lightning for 24 hours, followed by a day with gale force winds : 40+ knots from the West. An okay direction for us, but the boats in Odo Yacht Harbor had less fun. (see previous update).
Then again, today (Saturday) it was a great day with wall to wall blue sky…. But as soon the sun is down: Close those hedges and start that heather!!

2 Days were spent shaking the nets for “tomba” (small fish, see below).
It was fun to help Katsuyoshi (77), his wife (74) and sister (74). It also felt like I was doing my old job: Daycare Rehab for Elderly.
But these “youngsters” are in NO need for rehab, they kept on shaking and sorting the fish for 6 hours, non-stop!
What a pleasure and the more as 1 day we had a super BIG small fish catch!

Shaking the nets....(with Alishan at the back).

Always some herons around...guess why;-)

Marijke goes birding when ever the weather is good and still comes home with “firsts”.

For sure it’s a bonus to have a good oven on board and with all the marathon training…Cake and pies are welcome.


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