Friday, March 5, 2010

Port Barton

Alishan dropped the hook at:
10 degree 25.1N
119 degree 10.3E
Port Barton is the name of this small town. It's mostly a touristy town with several simple resorts right at the nice white beach. But at the moment there are only a few tourists as it's low season. That's nice for us.
Amazing how clean Palawan and esp. this village is. Hardly any rubbish to spot. So it is possible. Something the people living in Malaysia still have to learn.
The bay is pretty as well, numerous small islands with nice beaches. BUT the water isn't very inviting for a swim as there are huge jellyfish floating around. Okay, they tell us that they aren't too stingy, but we rather avoid bumping into them.
Here we are filling the fuel- and water tanks again.
The weather is again and again: Sunny with a nice E breeze. Haven't seen rain now for over 1 month.


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