Monday, March 1, 2010

Fish Bay

Alishan dropped anchor in Fish Bay.
What a beautiful place: A long white clean beach, clear water, palm trees, high hills in the back ground, friendly people ashore (about 70 houses/huts, no electricity, no...). By times it does blow hard from the E, but with this wind direction it's no problem. At night for sure it is magic out here in the bay with the full moon above us.
9 degree 58.5N
118 degree 39.4E
Yesterday we toke the one and only local jeepny ("famous" PI transport, pictures will follow)into Porta Princesa, together with the crew from sy Tweed (Jon and Pam) and sy Yelo (Rolf and Danielle). Such a trip you don't want to do daily.....Very bumpy and dusty and luckily only 1 flat tire;-)). But we all had a great day in the Big Smoke.
Sy Tweed are cruising buddies we know from Malaysia and Thailand, including our share-stay at Yachthaven Marina in Phuket where our boats got pampered by skilled Thai carpenters.
Sy Yelo more or less just came from Japan, so good to share about our favorite places (and food). Of course they have met many of our friends.
BTW, at Quezon we did go ashore, got a ride with a local fisherman, so we didn't have to drop our own dinghy over the side. In the small and friendly town it was pleasant to walk around ( and so much different from Malaysia). Here we scored PI telephone numbers:
09205536623 & 09205536624 ( SMS always welcome:Let them ring, let them ring, let them ring!).


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