Sunday, July 24, 2022

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 16

Lost but Not.

This shows such a good example of what you can expect 
when you Go Rural Kyushu @ your camper road trip.
Just park and take a walk.

Birdwatching at Mt Kagamiyama Park.
Did you see that one just fly over?
Btw, this is Karatsu Bay as seen from the look-out deck. 

Nice place to visit.

Yappari 13 Meter.
As you may or mayn't know, 
we live on board of sailing yacht Alishan, Taswell 43 (13 meters length).
The other day Alishan had 13 meters of Toyota Coaster for company.
Pretty 3some.

Also know as drying fish, done on a sunny day.
Scenery at a rural fishing village.
The beauty of a camper road trip.

Our Toyota Coaster rental camper.
A little longer but a lot less high.
Perfect size for exploring Kyushu and beyond.

Yappari Pink.
In a few weeks time, the Heart of Kyushu will turn pink.
If you are into hiking and staying in a campervan, this is the magical combo as it allows you be Up and There early-early in the morning.

Yappari Sunset.
This is the kind of sunset-scenery you can expect to encounter 
during your Kyushu trip.
Camper rental, way to go.
Picture @ Marijke


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