Monday, April 25, 2022

Exploring Kyushu, a never ending story, part 14

So much to see.....

Right now it truly is Sakura All Over the Place.
What a sights. What a happiness.
Of course this scenery is in Yanagawa, hometown for our rental campers.

Our customers speaking out.
Showing plenty of satisfaction.
Thank you so much.

Our rental RV Toyota Coaster AUCKLAND at rest and settling in for the night.
Clean and safe restroom @ 1 min walk, hotspring/onsen @ 10 minute.

Just because.
At one of the zillion picturesque rest-stops.
Also good for a stroll in the neighborhood.

Kyushu Road Trip. Plenty of space and scenery.
Picture says it all.

This is " here ", but could be anywhere in camper friendly Nippon.
Don't you agree with the great view from the pilot house?

Yappari Selfie.
Waiting in line for the red light.
Time for some reflection.

Even driving the Expressway should be on your trip-list.
Otherwise you miss out on scenery like this.

Billie Bee Bus and crew had a relaxing sleep at this Michinoeki in Yamaguchi ken.
All ready now to go out and explore the day.

Yappari Holy Mackerel.
Is it true? Tonight's dinner is sashimi?
Yep !!
It's one of the perks when you live in a fishing harbor.

Yappari Tatsukushi Marine Park.
When we were in Shikoku we took this glass-bottom boat ride. Money well spent.
During our own boat travels we have seen many-many awesome coral places. This was a sweet reminder of the underwater beauty out there.

We had a relaxing sleep.
Aren't the road stations awesome? Perfect for a campervan road trip.
But of course : Courtesy manners do apply!

Marijke in Picture Wonderland.



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