Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Springtime Snaps and Chats

Springtime Snaps and Chats 

Billie Bee at Hitoyoshi.
To be fair, this picture was taken in January.
BUT.. i have to share this now.
Today as i am writing this, it is 2 days after the disastrous floods that hit Hitoyoshi in Kumamoto Prefecture.
That road, on top of the riverbank, got totally submerged. 
Too many lost their lives.
Our thoughts are with the people so badly hit and hurt.

What will be around the corner?
Main roads in Kyushu are a charm to drive: hardly ever do we experience traffic jams.
And about the scenery....? Come and check it out.

During a layover stop during a boat delivery from Niigata to Fukuoka.
We rented locally a car for the day and explored Shimano Prefecture.

Always happy to see the paddies being prepped for 
the new rice-planting.

Billie Bee parked at a " crowded " parking lot near 
the Kasagawa River in Saga Prefecture.
Spick-and-Span washrooms.
Marijke took some nice bird pictures.
Click  HERE

Ajisai  in Fukuoka
Never ever seen such a huge one. Yes, it is 1 flower.

Look left, look right.
Hydrangeas all over the place.

On top of a pretty flower.
A salute from Mr Froggy.
It's been a wet rainy season so far.

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