Tuesday, March 5, 2013

To Konoshiro the Day

Didn't i write in last post how nice it is to be here in Meinohama Fishing Port 
and how well we are looked after?

Well, here comes the flip side: Not seldom does my telephone brippbripps me at 1900 h.
"yapu-chan, yapu-chan, jikan aru? 
Ima takkusan sakana arimasu!!"
Other words....Can you please come and help us, we have a lottttt of fish...
Of course!
So, i hoist myself into my fisherman's outfit and
go and help our friends on Sumie Maru 
to clear " a mountain" of 

  Meinohama Fishing Port at night. 
Sumie Maru fishes for konoshiro only in winter time, 
tonite it's a good nite: 
No rain Nor snow...Just cold.
Despite the fact this night Marinoa's Ferris Wheel isn't lit-up,
 it's still romantic, don't you think so?

From L to R: Kunitoshi, Miyoko, yours, Etsuko and Eiji.
Non-stop for a few hours.
Today it's not that much, just 4 hours work 
and about 650kg of konoshiro.
My record "sit-in" was from 8 PM till 5 AM!
So plenty of time for contemplating the day.

After clearing the fish from the net (usually 1-by-1), 
they end up in boxes of 4kg and are brought by small
K-truck to the main fish-market in Hakata.
Left to do: tidy up the boat,  the net 
and clean our selves as it is a messy and smelly fish.

This is what konoshiro looks like, 
aka kohada or gizzard shad.

A great website: What to Do and How to Eat konoshiro
is  HERE.


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