Saturday, November 12, 2011

Haul Out

Hmm,  was it only a few days ago when i wrote a go-around email that Alishan didn't move much?
Well, last Monday waves were made, all the way to Odo Yacht Harbor ( 2 miles from our location) as Alishan was due for a haul-out.
The last bottom-job was almost 4 years ago at Langawi, Malaysia.

Awaiting the marina staff to show-up. 
It's a city marina and so, they like sitting...

Anyway, here we are up-up-up and out of the drink..

Alishan is now 22 years old and (of course) she shows a few pimples....
But overall, her condition is great.
 The paint job done at Langkawi must have been a good one...
...or was it due to the special anti fouling (Chin Ho Special) available only  in Malaysia?

Day 3 on the hard......first coat of red anti fouling.

The weather was perfect, so.....1 guy is applying the second coat of anti fouling (black), 1 guy is waxing the hull and ...i couldn't be stopped doing the laundry. (Marijke had to work those days).

Somebody wasn't very co-operative.....

A misbehaving valve was replaced.

Well, what do you think? 
Day 4.

Alishan on the Lazy Susan.
Pfff, only a few more meters to go, then down, float and get out of this place.


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