Friday, June 12, 2009

Almost done in DB

Well, the radar came home again.
Too bad it was soo expensive ( of course only a small item was broken but the whole LCD unit had to be replaced, grgr). And too bad that even though the job was done by a Furuno(t-so-good) specialist..i have to take it apart again because he forgot to remove the plastic protection foil!

In the mean time we had a great time here with Antonio and crew from sy Sora Alice (Italy)
Old cruising buddy from 23 years ago. Oh yes we are getting older, but at least we do it ;-))

Marijke got a Digi Pics Processor, so work will start on the new Q update, once she masters her new toy...
Gas and fuel tanks are full.
Just need some fruit and veggies, 1 more trip into S town and then Alishan will be heading towards Borneo. Oh yes i should not forget to see harbor master, customs and immigration.


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