Tuesday, January 13, 2009

25 Years afloat.

River Rhine, Arnhem, Holland.
51 degree 58 N
05 degree 50 E
It was a cold snowy Sunday, early January, 1984.
We decided to move on board of our sailing yacht Jan Haring.
For more than 19 years and 50.000 miles Jan Haring was our home.
In 2003 we moved on board of Alishan.
So now we are counting a whopping 25 years living afloat!
And we still love that feeling of the rising and falling tides.

The radio announced a red alarm warning due to unusual low temperatures here in Thailand. Well, here at the bottom of Phuket we too can feel the drop in the mercury: early morning it is only 25 C, the wind is NE 25+ knots here in the bay! What happened to the Global Warming?

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