Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Looking Gooooood

Indeed it is Looking Gooooood (not for them) 
for a  trip down south.

This is Marinoa Marina where Fu Kyo is jumping at her lines.

There is only a small river between Marinoa and Meinohama Fishing Harbor where Alishan is moored.

 One day Marijke and i took Fu Kyo for a spin to 
Meinohama Port to get fuel...where it's 30 Yen/liter cheaper...
That makes a small saving when you load 350 liter. 
See Alishan?

Spot the Birder.

That was a nice 1st day o/b Fu Kyo the Cat. 
Mrs Mitsuda and Marijke had decided to join us for that trip.....
Main reason or them was the stop-over at Yobuko Port: Squid Capital of Japan. (pix at the top)

At rest along the pontoon...
With the compliments of "our" squid restaurant. 

Next leg of the trip was a No Wind Day..
So the 2 Yanmars helped us to make waves towards Nagasaki.. 
But as you can see we were not the fastest.

Lucky timing, as we arrived in Nagasaki just on time for the Tall Ships Event.

Early morning shot of Dejima Marina.

Them and Us.

Nippon Maru is leaving Nagasaki Port. 
It was impressive to see, even from a distant.
Amazing how lonely all and everybody felt when those 6 tall ships had left. 
But we should not worry...next year they will return.

Friend Satoshi of sy Bries looked after us...
His superb "Castella Cake" was part of the treat.
Thanx for all Satoshi!!

It wasn't only joy and play in Nagasaki.
Somebody had to clean the propellers...Guess who?
(a nasty plastic bag had found its way around the SB prop).

Nagasaki as the birds can see it. 
Dejima Marina is across the pond

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