Wednesday, May 30, 2012

And more South we Go

Amami Ohshima kept Fu Kyo a bit longer due to the weather, but on Wednesday May 23rd all was clear and we slipped away from Daikuma.
It was an easy 40 miles further south to Tokunoshima. 
Ha...even the fishing was Good. 
First we landed a 1 meter++  Mahimahi, but as it's a No-Good-for-Sashimi, we gave him a kiss and off he went...(well, he swam away, so i think he has an other life down there).
As a Thank-You,  30 minutes later, we scored a Bonito...
a Good-for-Sashime, thus that was a keeper.

Approaching Tokunoshima ...where is the harbor?

Or is it somewhere there?
As it turned out we did end up in a Good Possy, but there is an "new" harbor a few miles further N...not yet in our "old" pilot. That new harbor is a bit bigger for small boats but way-less interesting.

See here Fu Kyo in Hetono Port. 
Just room for 1 visitor and low tide only 20 cm under the keels.

That's the entrance!!

Nice possy neh? 
Almost looks a bit like southern Europe...
Hey we are in the sub-tropics!

A short walk around "town".

he sees me, he sees me not..

Abonai...oh yes Big waves are scary and dangerous!

Naoko Dori.
This stone is in honor of Naoko Takahashi, the Olympic Gold medal winner Women's Marathon in 2000. (a moment hard to forget). She used this road for her training course.

After a "hard-night" with some of the locals partying on board of Fu Kyo, we left early AM next morning...

These White Mice are always here  ... 
Japan Coast Guard, on the look out for Non-Nippon-Floats. 

Along the friendly pontoon, Yoron Island.

Mr Ikeda of the City Office is in charge for looking after the visiting yachties....

so, he drove us around the island to show the nice spots....

......what do you think...??

This pix was taken at Yoron's only Hi-Point. 
Here looking SW.

At Sunset...

And at Sunrise next AM..

 On our way to Naha on Okinawa Island we pass this beauty..

And we are guided the last 20 miles into Ginowan Marina by our friends.
Seen the YouTube?



  1. If only I didn't get sea sick the last time I went out on the water in a sailboat. Would be the life.

    How was the bonito?

  2. That Bonito was super! Had it as TATAKI: Fileted the fish, briefly burned the outside ONLY (so still raw inside) in the fry pan. Chill it +++ in the fridge. In a bowl, a layer of lettuce, sliced tomato, sliced bonito, plenty of onion ring and some garlic. All drowned in a ponsu-like sauce (soyu and ++ vinegar). Can't believe that bonito in some parts of the world is mainly used as fish bait...