Monday, May 14, 2012

From Y to Y

Fu Kyo was Playground for Papa & Mama Momoko and Mi-chan for a day.
It what nice weather so we went for a day sail on Kagoshima Bay.
Even had dolphins around the boat for a while.

That day's menu was TATAKI, Kagoshima style.
Katsuo (=  bonito), slightly cooked, on the outside ONLY , so plenty of raw on the inside.
Onion, onion and more onion, garlic and some green stuff..Alll topped with a vinegar soyu sauce.
Wake me up...any time;-)  

Yamakawa Police Station ( hmm looks like a Ringer Hut).
Note the Wind Finder on top... Bonito Town indeed.

A bonito boat is unloading its catch.
Talked to one of the crew Malay!
Beside the Japanese captain, all come from Indonesia.
Hallo Hessel, what's happening with your blog? 

On our way to Yakushima:
.....didn't i score a huge ice cream here when i spotted, just on time, this net/plastic sheet in front of Fu Kyo.
Something you don't want to wrap around the propellers....,

and to you right you can see Iou Jima smoking away...,

and there she is: Yaku Shima.
Known for it's Giant Yakusugi trees...
 for its high mountains, plenty of clouds
 and rain!!,

But the closer we got, the fewer the clouds.
During our 3 days stay we only had blue, blue, blue.
Lucky, as it is the eve of the rainy season.

Fu Kyo along the wall in Ito Port, on the NW point of Yakushima.

The road to the Seaside hot spring
( only a 30 minute walk from Ito port).
Too bad she wasn't steaming away at 6 am.

Small roadside shrine, near that seaside onsen.

Later on the day, we did stop at an other onsen.
Not looking flash at all, but it was a good soak.

One of Yakushima famous beaches.
No you won't find any sunset/night beach parties here as it is
The Pacific Egg Laying Beach for loggerhead turtles. 
This egg laying thing is all well protected and looked after
by the Nature Preserve Boys.



  1. amazing photos! LOVE the one of the smoking volcano. i wish i could be there with you!

  2. Thanx for your kind words...Have you been to the Ryuku Islands? Great place to visit, esp. by boat. Mind you..typhoons are no fun, so we might sail back to Kyushu before August. salute