Friday, May 11, 2012


Between the port of Makurazaki and the port of Yamakawa
we pass Mt Kaimon.
Aint she a beauty with her new white hat?

Remember this picture?
We posted it almost 2 years ago.
Princess Wakame on top of Alishan's bimini with that same Mt Kaimon on the background. That time we were sailing from Yaku Shima towards Makurazaki...on our way north.

Around the corner from this landmark is Yamakawa...
This pix also shows (partly) the entrance to Kagoshima Bay.

SpotShot of a Place to Visit.
On top of the cliff, right in the center of this pix is an Outdoor Onsen.
Of course we did take a bath and of course i had forgotten to take my camera..
Have to come back here...

Yamakawa's Fastest Marathon Barber, lives and works  at the Happy Barber.
Momoko's Papa and Mama took us for a spin around Yamakawa. There was this funlunchstop at a restaurant where you have to "fish" for your noodles.


Here a pix at Japan's Most Southerly Train Station.
Daily busloads of tourist come here to take their pictures.

A "small" gift from Momoko's Papa and Mama.
Enough TUINBONEN (broad beans) to feed a Navy.
(now you wonder who Momoko is neh.....?

Momoko works at Marina Animal clinic where Nori and Wakame take their "retreat" when Marijke and i are Not-in-Town).


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