Thursday, May 24, 2012

More @ Daikuma

And heaven came down...

So with all that wet stuff in the air, i had to look for a laundromat....
Normal a place like that is well marked from the outside.  But here in Daikuma it was indeed a puzzle to find, as they call it;  Coin Laundry.
It's there (green sign) and it was a Good One. 
(yachty standards applied).

An other wet morning at 6 Am...we got new neighbors...
Happy to be there to take their lines...

Locked in, but we can't complain as the parking is free...

And again an other early morning:
Yin & Yang.
See, it's even a double rainbow.



  1. I love the rainbow you caught on the bottom, too bad you can't see the pot of gold at the end. Water looks nice too, I just want to jump in.

  2. Hey, that pot of Gold...i found it: It's my job!
    BTW, you should come and swim with the dolphins...Seen them at Welcome to Okinawa?