Saturday, May 5, 2012

Satsuma Country

          It wasn't very sunny the morning we left Nagasaki.  On and off rain, but the more miles we made south..the better it became.
This shot shows, ahum, the entrance to the harbor. The Mitsubishi shipyard and the harbor bridge mark the skyline.

Small village and big church on the island just outside Nagasaki port. 

This will be the last bridge for a while as Fu Kyo (the top of the mast is 21m above water) is heading for Okinawa area... Not much overhead steel and concrete between the islands we will visit.

 Fu Kyo at the Red Pontoon in Akune.
Alishan was here in August the road to some good food and the sento was known. 

It's tatataaa.....Uni Season ( sea urchin).
Oh yes, you can wake me up for an Uni Donburi
( rice bowl with uni topping).

Heading further South, here we are approaching Kyushu's most SW point. 

And there it is: Nomo Saki, a target for many typhoons.

Along the wall in Makurazaki.
Happy to be in port as it was blowing +++ that night.

A pix on the run...(sorry not clear). Freshly delivered tuna..
Hey, it's Golden Week, so hopefully the fisherman got a good price for his catch.


  1. HI THERE, it's my first visit to your blog, just say very nice blog..u have show the wonderful pict of japan...

    i'm interested to come to this country..