Saturday, May 19, 2012

Around Yakushima

Visiting Yakushima....
The first time was in 1995 when Marijke and i stopped here, just for 1 night, with our sailing yacht Jan Haring.
The second time was with sy Alishan in 2010, when we stayed for more than 1 week in Anbo Port (see August 2010 posts).
So this was the third time...
And i was proud to be Tour Guide for Mr Mitsuda's family.
None of them had been to Yakushima before!
The 7 of us just fitted into a small Nissan..and the route would take us around the island..
BTW, that's 98.5K ;-)

A family pix near Ohkinotake, an 88 meter waterfall..

Oh yes, she is Big and Old:  Kigen-sugi.
This biggy is just a few meters off the road, more or less right in the middle of the island. An easy visit by car (just forget the zillion left-and-rights in the road while going uphill.)

Next was Yakusugi Land.
I managed to talk the family to do the 50 minute hike.
 ( there is also a 30, 80 and 120 min. walk)
We all enjoyed the course and as there was so much to see...
it was just a cake-walk.

Along the trail.

We could see Tofu Rock in the distance...
Usually Yakushima's Top is into the Clouds.

Happy to have come Here.

Back to the hotel where the family was staying...we had a quick soak, a good meal and at 2100 hours, Fu Kyo slipped away from Yakushima island and headed for Amami Ohshima.

Have to go back to Yakushima as that cross island trail is still on my wish-list. 
Rumors go around that due to the manymany tourists, more and more restrictions will be applied in the near future, just to protect Nature.
That's good and sad news....


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