Thursday, May 24, 2012

Amami Ohshima

The trip from Yaku Shima to Amami Ohshima was an easy one.
That said, it was also a trip without any sailable wind, 
so the Yanmars did their job.
 It took us 19 hours to cover the 130 miles.
Only the odd freighter or fishing boat was spotted and...
Yep, we had some humpback whales "playing" around Fu Kyo. 
(the pictures and video we took were sadly badly).

This map shows the N top of Amami Ohshima 
and the red arrow points to Daikuma Port.

Along the wall in Daikuma.

 A few hours later, our neighbor showed up....
Hold on, what's happening here? 

 Well, they made an ink-print of some of their catch... 

And a Good Catch they had that day!

Next day we were asked to move a further down the wall...
so see here our other neighbors. 
As you can see, it aint a Marina Show.

The One and Only Sento left in Naze City (next to Daikuma).
The Mama san is way in her 80s, so how much longer will we be able to splash with hot water?
 ( we had stopped in Daikuma in 1995 and in 2006...
those were the days with 2 sento's).

memorial stones, in all shapes and colors...

Of course you guessed what these are..
(...karaoke boxes....)

And yes, i did do some Daikuma Bird Watching.
( hmmm , don't think Marijke approves my effort).

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