Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mt Kaimon

Look at that, we have a stowaway on board.
Nothing less than the Red Rocket.
Might as well take her for a spin around Yamakawa Country Roads.
Also home for the Nanahana Marathon, see posts January 2011 & 2012.

That brown color tells you it's a healthy soil for vegetables.

Chicken on the Move.


And there she is again: Mt Kaimon.
This shot was taken on the Nanahana Marathon course, at about the 30 K mark, always a moment you don't think about climbing any mountain.  
But today the Red Rocket made it easy for me.

Base Camp Mt Kaimon. 


Half way to the top, down there it is Yamakawa country, partly showing the marathon course.

 924 meters, UpUpUp and only Up.
And what a great weather, this day she wasn't wearing her New White Hat.


As it was Golden Week, there were plenty of hikers.
Still amazing to meet a foreigner at the top.
Alex from...Holland!
He and his wife Hiroka and friend Yoshi had driven all the way from Hiroshima.
That was good fun to be able to Yep Away in dutch.

A perfect day.
Guess what was for dinner that night.......

Tuinbonen of course!



  1. Gaaf hoor die dolfijnen, dat is eens wat anders dan uren ronddobberen in the Bay of Islands om 1 of 2 van deze beauties op 200 meter afstand te kunnen zien.
    Veel plz nog en marijke sterkte hoor!

  2. Haha, Joubertstraat. Ja twas te gek hoor die dolfijnen. kheb er nog een videootje van, komt eerdaags ook op de blog te staan. Chuchu