Sunday, May 27, 2012


Well, as you can see, we're on the Move
and this time it's done ...On the Road.
Today these guys are my buddies:
Mr Asa, behind the wheel and Mr Ichida, neighbors in the harbor of Daikuma

And this is the Mover.
Hence the tittle of this post. : Truck Hike.

The way out of Daikuma, the road snakes along the west coast of Amami Ohshima.
Talking about snakes: This island is ill-famous for its poisonous snakes.
So no Trail Running here!
Even on the roads...take care, esp at night. Over a short stretch we spotted 2 (nice flattened) Habu snakes.

Just somewhere along the coast.
BTW, my mates have built that harbor..(???).
So what was the mission of the Truck Hike?
Well, they needed new fenders for their vessel...
Remember that crane ship (in the rainbow) next to Fu Kyo.
Ha found one...

And a few more...somehow these tires are anywhere and everywhere on Amami. As it cost ++yen to get them proper disposed...dump them along the road is a "way to go". Anyway, Mr Asa and Mr Ichida are happy. 
The score for the day were 6 big digger

On the way home, time for one more pix, taken somewhere NW of Daikuma.
Can you smell the coral reef?



  1. oh, the color of the water! so pretty!

    and what a nice way to 'recycle'. lucky to find the tires they were looking for!

    1. I think so too. The previous set of tires/fenders got bashed-up when that crane-ship was parked along the wall in an other harbor and a heavy swell had come into harbor.

  2. How heavy are one of those tires? I would have tried picking one up myself before employing the crane, but I guess its always better to use your brain and use the crane than to be a meathead like me.

    1. hmm, i think they are at least 75Kg, no way to pick them up by "hand". Beside that..why get dirty hands;-)?
      BTW hardkoretom, had a look at your site. Nice pictures...clearly you use a better camera than my Coolpix L20.