Monday, May 28, 2012

Pix on the Run @ Daikuma

Okay, those Habu Snakes should be hard o find 'In Town", 
so....On the Run!

Yep it's not even 6 AM.
This building across the river houses a Hot Bread Bakery (right  side).
It opens at 6:30 AM and if you buy bread before 9 AM you get 20% discount!! 
This Panya San knows business!
And the bread is super...

Amami Ohshima has many mountains, and thus...
many tunnels.
Always nice to use them when it's raining...but definite a NoNo Fun to Run at traffic-rush-hour .
Hence the early start.

Wide and well lit, and no traffic for almost 2 K.

At the other Naze town.

Hmmm, what a great name for a hotel...
should write a song about it..

Naze Town from above, still early AM.

And looking towards the entrance of Naze Port.

A few more Ks, turn the corner and there is Daikuma again. 
Fu Kyo is hard to spot, but our Crane Neighbor 
(red-white-red) is the hint.


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