Sunday, June 3, 2012

Can You Believe It?

We had left Fukuoka one month ago, so it was time to fly back to 
Meinohama for some  R & R with Marijke and The Gang.  
Fu Kyo was in a good spot in Ginowan Marina, and allll the weather reports showed No-Worries.
Thursday May 31 it was fly-out time and a few hours later
 it was a happy-together on Alishan.
That night i checked, as usual, the weather.....

Can You Believe It?

 Near the Philippines a TD was born and the forecast was..
it's heading as a T-bag (aka typhoon)...
 ...for Okinawa....
What a bummer.

 On Sunday morning i flew back to prep the boat.
From the plane i took this pix: Hard to believe something nasty is brewing Down South when we're flying over Akune...the port where Fu Kyo made a stop a few weeks ago ( see Satsuma Country).

Friends Tom and Fran from sailing yacht Dagon had kindly taken down the furling jib ( should be done before any wind). The "only" tasks i had to do was running a spider-web of lines across the pontoon and concrete jetty, taking down the cockpit tent and bimini and put-out more lines and fenders.

This map shows the predicted track of T-bag Mawar.
Okinawa is at the C of 04-21 UTC.

And this is Fu Kyo awaiting wind and things to come,
12 hours before T-bag MAWAR will visit us.

(hmmm, a little worried??)


  1. Cool blog!

    I know someone who's on a boat down on their way to Okinawa now. Be careful in this weather!!

  2. Ahoy Angrygajin San, thanx for your comment.
    Looking forward to meet your friend....Already here in Ginowan Marina?