Saturday, June 16, 2012

Guchol on Saturday

Guess what we are doing here in Ginowan....

Looks like Guchol will pass us to the right (= east of Okinawa), that means we are in the "okay" half of the T-bag.
Okay Half
In this Catagory,  there is also plenty of wind pfffff-ing
at that part of a T-bag...

Bring Out the Lines!!



  1. take care!!

    here in fukuoka we often get the 'good' side of the typhoon, don't we. i don't know what that means for yachts, but i am glad it doesn't get too windy here!

    1. Thanx Illahee. Due to the rotating wind direction in a typhoon and the course of the T-bag, the right side has more wind than the left side. How Alishan is parked in Meinohama,Fukuoka, we "like" North wind = the best protected corner in the harbor for us. So T-bags should go over the east side of Kyushu, we think;-). Now here in Okinawa it's more or less the same, but we will get more wave action in the harbor. Right now it's 30C and no breeze at all......