Monday, June 18, 2012

That was Guchol

All is Well.

Guchol visited us last night.
(why do T-bags always arrive at night and why always at high-tide?)
T-bags are mostly A Lot of Stress and A Little Trouble.
(if well prepared, of course).

This satellite picture was just before midnight. 
The eye is more or less due east of us and we had 
45+ knots wind. 
That's about the max i have seen. 
Oh yes, of course heavy horizontal rain by times.
Due to the wind, mono-hull sailboats were leaning over +++....
Nice to be on a catamaran ;-}

Two hours later and she is moving away nicely.
(And i have seen about a zillion YouTubes)

And now?
Tidy up all the lines etc?
No-No, not today because...
T-bag Talim is coming!!!

It's still a Tropical Storm. And  it's heading for this part of the world.



  1. I realize you probably don't experience this too often, but how does one keep from being seasick during a typhoon/Hurricane. I got seasick with very little rocking about a month ago on a sailboat in San Pedro.

    1. Hi Hardkoretom,
      Seasick? Oh yes, after all those years living on board, i still know what that is. But it gets less and less the more grey hair one has;-}
      A catamaran like Fu Kyo wobbles not so much as a monohull, and like with T-bag GUCHOL, the wind direction didn't built-up a chop here in the marina. Last year we made a trip in the Inland Sea and had 1 day shitty weather: Oh yes, i didn't feel well for a few hours! But luff to be out on the water.

  2. #5 seems to be heading straight for kyushu. i find that unusual! (i have lived in fukuoka-ken for 11 years.) usually TS's that form over there go directly into china. *sigh* better go tidy up the garden!

    1. Hi Illahee,
      Yep, that one is strange. But don't worry, now the seawater in the China Sea is still tooo cold, so this T-bag will lose it's power. (same as with # 4 Guchol).
      Good Luck with tidying up the garden....Do you do that with lines as well? Marijke told me it has been raining seriously these days in Fukuoka...Plenty Ajisai?

  3. Hello .. I am wondering if it is safer for a monohull sailboat to be up on hardstand than in the water during a typhoon? Has there been any incident where a boat on the hard toppled over from the winds?

  4. Hi Lang, It all depends on the harbor/marina. Even here in Japan, some marina's will break-up. Have seen it. Also the boat next door might be your biggest problem. So yes, parking your boat on the hard is possibly safer. Most locations are well set-up to do so with "in-ground-anchors". The problem is ...most of the times you'll need your own craddle & so...more YEN . Are you planning to leave the boat in Japan for a while? You can email me: boatingjapan (at)