Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It's Wet Out Here

Come to Sunny Okinawa,
they say....

Somehow the yearly rainy belt, that's supposed to be way to the north by now,
has dropped down again.
Right on top of "Sunny" Okinawa. 
(almost at the center of this map).

Due to all this wetness, not much outdoor stuff can be done.
Luckily before all the downpour started i have managed to change the engine oil of the 2 Yanmars.
(The entrance hedges to the engine rooms are 
out at the steps @ the stern of Fu decent rain cover).
And i did set a new record-time for the job: 2 hours 15 minutes, incl clean-up!

Time for a good book!! 

Hold on, what's that down there??

Looks like we're gonna be in for an other T-bag...
After the weekend!



  1. yes, it was supposed to rain late last week, but it kept changing. first cloudy, then sunny. kinda nice, but i'm sorry you don't have clear skies!

  2. White water rafting on the high seas!

    Hope you get some nice rainbows like a few weeks ago.