Tuesday, June 5, 2012

MAWAR is Gone, BUT

T-bag MAWAR has gone!
The most wind we had here in the marina was 40 knots.
And it came from the right direction: SE-NE....so we got 
protection from the land. 

As heard before: T-bags are often a lot of pre-stress and a little trouble. 

Now about that BUT.
The tidying up has not yet been done.

It takes some time to clean, coil, dry and stow about 300 meters of line, re-install the bimini and of course Post T-bag socializing with the other cruisers.



  1. Do you stay on the boat when the typhoon comes? if so, that sounds like an interesting ride.

  2. Oh yes, stay on the boat...Be there if lines, fenders or what ever need attention. In all the years living on board, now 28 years (16 orso in japan) we have never left the boat. BTW, typoons can be bad but the winter and spring gales are as nasty....And then it's colddd.