Thursday, June 7, 2012

This and That at Ginowan.

 Down there is Ginowan Marina.
Fu Kyo is parked near that central concrete pier, at the far end of it.
Supermarket,  coin laundry (easy to find), ice-cream shop all across the road. 
A reasonable nice 8K run from the marina to the east....
What else do we need?

 Ola, what's that in front of Fu Kyo?

Nobody less than Good Okinawa friend John of sy Horizon, see also at Alishan  

Tom and Fran of sy Dagon..
So happy to see Dagon is finally here in Japan.
At their first attempt (2009) they got nailed and hammered by a typhoon in the Philippine Islands.
See also what Marijke wrote at Alishan

Well what do you say: Ain't she shining?
Enjoy cruising Japan neh...

This Google Map shows the route (more or less) Fu Kyo has traveled since departure from Fukuoka.




  1. How long did it take to get from kagoshima to amami? did I get those right?

    1. Ahoy Hardkoretom,
      From Yamakawa, just south of Kagoshima City we first went to Yaku Shima. That was a 45 mile trip and took Fu Kyo 7 hours. From Yaku Shima to Amami it was an 130 mile trip and that took us 19 hours. BTW, Yakushima and Amami are both Kagoshima prefecture;-)
      Have you been to this part of Nippon?
      Salute, j

  2. My friend's dad was saying that there are lots of non-Japanese boating around where you were. :) Very cool that he and you all were sorta in the same place at the same time.

    1. Yep, there is a small Non-Nippon boating-community here. But there were only 2 foreign flagged sailboats: 1 Swiss and 1 Kiwi. This year very few overseas boats will visit Japan due to last year's Tsunami and Fukushima trouble. Too bad, as exploring Japan by boat is so special.