Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuff Days at the Office

With the sky and weather charts free of T-bags & other nasty conditions, it was time to make a Move.

AKA SHIMA here we come!

Just 25 miles to the west of Okinawa is a group of islands called: Kerama Retto. Aka shima is one of them.
This pix shows the NE corner of the group.

 After a pleasant trip for most of the crew (sorry, not for all: Mal-de-Mer was playing a game with some stomachs),
 Fu Kyo found a possy along the wall in AKA Shima ferry port.
Same place where Alishan stayed for a week, 
now already 2 years ago....

Twice a day the Big "Slow" Boat Ferry stops at Aka Shima.
There is also twice a day a fast ferry, both connect to "mainland" Okinawa.

.....and the harbor became crowded with sailboats.
Longtime buddy Patto-man with son Kairen had arrived with his (job)boat, also from Ginowan Marina.

Trade Mark for Aka Shima.....
A movie was made about his love affair.
Read more HERE. 

Told you: Tuff Days at the Office.
 Mr Doi, Mr Konami, Kairen and Patto-man taking a well deserved break from .....

Next day had Snorkeling on the Menu..
Mr and Mrs Mitsuda with instructor Konami san 
Look at color of the water...
and the posture of the beach-boys;-)
Wow, that was a hot bright day, but as you can see, there was also a nice breeze.

 Kerama Retto main business is diving and snorkeling.
Guess why...

Nuff said.

 Small boat harbor on the other side from the ferry port, facing SW.

An other trade mark for Aka Shima.
Original inhabitants AND protected...
Keep your front doors looked otherwise they'll come into the kitchen and help themselves to ....

 Oh yes, Aka shima has an airport, but main transport is by boat.
Just to show you the Okinawa building style.
These days with plenty of concrete...as it can blow by times....you know.

 Local Dragon boat, sadly in dis-repair.

Aka Shima's beach on the west coast, a good place to watch the sunset. Except in June as the sun is too far to the north and she disappears behind next door island.

Pretty beaches neh.
But you'll need a canoe or so to get there.
Or swim like Shiro-kun. 

Local dive shop owner Mr Nakamura san came to wave us goodbye.
See you next time! 

Heading back to Ginowan, we were able to sail most of the way just using the biggg gennaker. 

Map showing the Keramo Retto, Aka Shima is at the west side of the group.

Yep, a nice weekend at the Office.



  1. oh how i love okinawa. i envy you! (do i say that a lot? no worries, i love your blog!)

    1. Hi Illahee,
      thanx for your comment. Yes Okinawa is nice, esp the smaller islands around. And with this sunny-weather right now...
      Gambatte neh with all that rain in Kyushu! Swimming pool in the garden?
      BTW, some will be for me as i fly to fukuoka for a few days.
      Looking forward to be with Marijke and the Catss.

  2. This looks like a lovely place to take my wife and kids for a holiday. Are there other spots like this in Kerama Retto? And what hotel did you stay in for the trip? Thanks :)


    1. Ahoy Kent, yes Keramo Retto is almost a must to visit if you life in Japan. Most are populated, see Wikipedia. Snorkeling, diving, sea-kayak, fishing, boat trip...
      Last weekend we again sailed around the islands, stayed 1 night in Zamami port and the next again in Aka Jima (blog update will follow). As usual..i stayed on the boat but our guests spent the night in a guest-house. Forgot the name of the one in Azami, but in Aka Jima they stayed at AKA JIMA MARINE SERVICE, btw, Shiro the Dog used to live there!!
      Owner is Mr Nakamura san