Monday, July 2, 2012

Home Run

As you might know, Okinawa is "base" for a few men and women from the USA.
Beside all the "ahum" things, they like their "own food".
Some are so-so but some are...A-30K-drive-worth!
Buddy Patto-man loaded us into his K-truck and 
1 hour later we arrived at GATE 1.
(on Okinawa 30Ks takes you at least an hour due to the traffic jams).

This food place is across from ...yes, GATE 1.
Now there are a few USA playgrounds, so make sure you drive to the correct PG.
( btw, those white bags have something to do with typhoons, you know...)

Inside GATE 1,
no need to be able to speak or read Japanese.

This is It.
Maybe it's like bungee-jumping...
You Might Have To Do It once in your life.
 Admitting, it was a good burger; Volume and Value for us$$.

After 3 weeks Okinawa, as many T-bags 
and some of its A-A-F.... was time to Jump Island...
The trip started with a 1 hour+ bus drive to the airport...
Most of the way there were less than 3 passengers!
Public transport is poooor in Okinawa as everybody is using My Car (hence the jams).

4 hours later i found a very surprised Alishan Crew..
But they luffed the A-A-CAT-F i brought them (Temptations..).

Ha, and soon after, all of us were enjoying some 
 Meinohama Sashimi. 
Thank you Sumie Maru!
And Marijke for cleaning and prepping the
aji, tai and ika ;-)
It's GOOD to be Home with Marijke, N&W and Alishan.

Next day we went for an early morning walk,  still rainy season conditions here, (hot, humid, shine and/or rain).
 This pix's showing Momochi Sky Line and Ballerina Maria.

The beach front near Alishan, the beginning and final Ks of many Home Runs.

A few days later, buddy runners Noriko and Ohara san took me for a spin into the heart of Kyushu...
All the way to Mt Kuju Land, to a 3K Cross Country Training Trail.

We set off with smiles and in pouring rain. 

...after 4 laps...did it get wet!
But it was fun and a great exercise.
Of course we found an onsen nearby, and tell you it was nice to sit in that HOTspring as it was chilly due to altitude and rain.

All Fukuoka Food.
A Truly Home Run. 


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