Monday, July 9, 2012

A spin in the rain with Esther the Car

After an Alishan-bound morning due to heavy-heavy rain, 
  we jumped into Esther the Car for a spin (swim??)  to our favorite Mt Raizan in Itoshima. One of the reason we like to go there as it is only a 30 minute drive.
And it turned out we had timed it well as the rain became less and less.

 As usual, we parked Esther next to this shrine...

 Facing the tori...

Facing the opposite direction..

From the car park we took a stroll along the unused mountain road (never figured out why they make these sort of roads, all tar sealed, guard railed  and with mirrors at each corner...Funny enough, they are 
off-limit to traffic AND they go No Where...)
But it's nice to walk them esp with this wetttt weather.

What is green?

 By times the rain stopped and the odd gap in the trees showed us this scenery.

 Ajisai, so pretty in the rain...

Marijke at 'work".
Spotting some low flying birds...or ...??

More ajisai, don't ask me what brand, but they are cute neh.

Remember this waterfall, last winter?

And Esther?
She too was happy to have come out to Raizan.
Even in the rain.


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