Friday, July 20, 2012

Kerama Retto Again

The crew of Fu Kyo decided to join the yearly yacht-race to Zamami Island in the Kerama Retto.
Noticed the word JOIN ? 
 Catamarans weren't able to take part in the sail-race...
but the crew could join the Apres Race Party....

One of the racing boats, just showing off  the good conditions.

Zamami Port got loaded with sailboats that day, 
and once the last ferry had left there was plenty of parking space.

Fu Kyo was Here.

Well, the party was like the party-food: So-So

The the map of Zamami Island,

...where this beauty used to live: Marilyn-chan.
Did you read up on Shiro-kun  and his sweathart Marilyn ??

The strait between Zamami Island and Aka Island.
Shiro-kun's swimming waters. 

Facing East from one of Zamami's look-out points.

This is Zamami Elementary School, a nice rural set-up.

Zamami is famous for its watermelons....
(nope, they aint watermelons but fishnet floats from the Philippine Islands..all glass, made of old coca-cola bottles, washed up on the pretty Zamami beaches)

Papaya trees grow either male or female fruit, 
see pix above and below.
You make out what is what...


That's right, a garden wall.

Well, it can't be always Sunny and Shine.
After Zamami we spent 1 more night at Aka Ferry port.
The next morning was very wet for a while.

Sleeping Snoopy?

That was an other nice weekend in the Kerama Retto.
When will be the next time?
By now, Fu Kyo is getting ready to sail back to Fukuoka.
Keep you updated.


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  1. I think... the upper papaya plant is a gay male, or bisexual, what's it called, hermaphroditic. The one beneath it is a female.