Monday, July 16, 2012

This and That @ Okinawa

When i was back in Fukuoka last time, 
i bought a load of engine filters for Fu Kyo the Cat.
They were in my luggage...that just went trough this airport scanner...

this foreigner is trying to bring some dangerous items onto the airplane......."
So, the security staff asked me kindly if they could have a look inside my bag...
And of course they found the filters.
"What are these?
they asked me while opening a box with 4 filters.
Well that was clear as it was even printed in Japanese that they were 
""Oh-no, you can't take them onto the airplane as OIL is a No-No"
But they are NEW and UN-used!
"No, it says they are for OIL,  that is a No-No!"
BUT they are UN-used!
"Oh, they are new?
 But, it looks like there is some grease on the rubber seal!"
So they used some TOILETpaper to decrease the seals...
"OK now"
I asked them about the other box with 2 OILfilters.
"They are okay " with-out checking them.

Pfff, ...we all have our jobs...

Then at one of the many rent-a-car places in Naha, Okinawa
 i spotted this orange shirt.
Suppose this japanese guy hadn't seen Nederland failing  at the EU Football Games...

We had dinner at this very cozy place:
 kuro butta sjabbo-sjabbo.
Knorr-knorr, Oink-Oink.
(not my favorite food, but as said...we all have our jobs;-)

That night when our guests climbed on board of Fu Kyo the Cat, 
something went wrong with 2 suitcases...

Well, the suitcases did pass their swimming test...but doing so, they also swallowed a lottt of salt water and thus: 
It Was a Midnight Affair at the Coin Laundry..

Next day, it was lunch-time @ 
One of Okinawa's oldest noodle places...
The menu?
Of course noodles with butta...oink-knorr-again!
See my belly?
Time to head back to Tofu Land!!.

Spotted this poster at Aka Shima, it says something like:
Kids should be home when it gets dark as at that time 
The Bad are Coming Out...
....All doped by karaoke, pachinko and whatever...

Mind you, No karaoke nor pachinko on the island!

Okinawa Landmarks, next to Ginowan Marina..
Working hard to produce all the AC juice for the coolers..
It's hottt these days.

What a nice place to meet Friends of Bill W,
every Sat at 9AM.

Tropical clouds over the island, 
good for the odd T & L and downpour.
Cool us down, cool us down, cool us down.


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