Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Run into the City

Life can't always be Mountains and Flowers...
So this time a run was made into the City.
Mind you, it was also a run with a mission.

This pix is at Momochi Beach, just 4K to the east from Alishan.
A very popular place for beach volleyball, beach soccer, wake boarding (using a tow-rope), noisy jet skies, doggy walking, music festivals and..... 
Swimming? No way, the water is still too cold and the quality is so-so. But all are improving. 

In Japan the month of May has Boys Festival.
Part of this event is Flying Carp Flags. Of course in the City they are far and few, but at the country side we can see plenty of them. Big surprise to find one here at the beach.
They are always colorful and tell us Spring is here.

"Our" Hilton Thing with next to it just partly visible: 
Yahoo Dome, home for the SoftBank Hawks.
Basebally Boys. 

Oops, couldn't by-pass these flowers...
and Cherry Blossom Festival Stalls at the entrance of Nishi Ko-en (park).

What do you think this place is?

The YU sign tells us it is a public bath-house.
Longlong time ago, when we were still living on Jan Haring we sometimes rode our bicycles to this YU.
(It's @ 7Ks from Alishan).
Too bad more and more friendly neighborhood YUs are disappearing.

If No Mountains, then can i show you some fishing boats?

These are squid boats moored during daytime at Nakahama Port. I luff to visit this area and look at the boats. In the background you can see the Highway Bridge across Fukuoka main harbor.

Nakahama port.

Down Town Fukuoka.
Sunday 11 AM...not much road traffic..
Now it's fun to come to town..

And this was the mission (at 9Ks from Alishan).

Proof i made it to the Yomiyuri Newspaper Photo Exhibition.

A closer look of Marijke's entry. 
3 cute owl chicks looking surprised at the outside world.
You'll have to ask Marijke for a decent digi....

Just some Sunday city pixs. 
This intersection is cornered by a " makkodonaldo"

Almost back (15Ks). 
This pix is facing westwards and showing Fukuoka Tower, our city's major sky mark, built just before we first arrived in Fukuoka in 1989. At that time the Tower was standing all by itself, no any other construction in this area...
As you can see, time has grown concrete, glass  and steel.

And indeed it was a Goo' Day! for a nice run.
BTW, this is our friendly neighborhood Do It Yourself.
At least once a week we go shopping here (=spending ++yen) as they also supply cat-food, you know, for .....


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