Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Saga Sakura Half Marathon 2012

The Marina Animal Hospital Runners @ Sakura Marathon 2012. 
Watch all those smiley faces.
 Of course this is part of the Pre-Start Fun (Stress??) we go.
Perfect weather, sunshine and a little wind to keep us cool.

Marijke did manage to spot me. There were 5000 starters!

The first few Ks.
And the first cherry blossom (L).
No time to stop for a bowl of Udon ( sign R).

As you can see from the mess in front of me at one of the drink stations...
...I'm not in the lead;-)
Part of the course is along a river.
Seas of yellow NanaHana (rape seed).
And clouds of pink Sakura (cherry blossom).


Marijke found herself a nice possy along the course and was ready with the camera...
Who did she Nikon?

Well, that was an other 21K run.
Somehow my time was the same as last year: 2H 03M
Tradition wise we went for a meal "up in the mountains" where they serve carp sashimi.  The ONLY way to eat this river/pond fish is after it has been kept in clean-clean moutain water for a while, and served extremely chilled .
Hence the ice.
The sauce to-go: white miso and hot-spicy paste.

Thanx all for the fun and the (s)miles.

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