Tuesday, September 4, 2012

We Got Hacked

Dear All,

Some of you might have received an email "from us"
 via our Hotmail account.
With No Subject.
And with only a link in the text box....
sending you to Vitamin Pills and Loose Weight websites.
And without any sign-off with our names.

This was the "good" work of a hacker 
( why do we think it was a male?).
Hope you didn't open the link.....
(in the past we too have seen this sort of mail coming into our inbox.....so we know the grggrgrggrrr)

The GOOD part of this all is that we did receive 
many Oh-No, You've Been Hacked mails!
Very much appreciated!!... 
Good to read you....from some of you we hadn't received mail for a long time....;-)

Anyway, hope the error got fixed now, 
i changed the Hotmail  password to ********


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