Sunday, September 2, 2012

Family Bonding at Brussels

After Moeders funeral, it was time to do some more 
Family Bonding.
So we all jumped into 2 cars and drove the Road to Brussels.
The City that houses the EU Parliament and Sister Jacqueline.
And didn't we have luck with the weather: 2 days of 30+ C degrees & zero wind. Perfect conditions to be outside BUT you had to stay as much as possible in the shade.
No problem: Plenty of terraces.
Of course we couldn't be stopped from the odd sightseeing stroll..

 Pssst Lady, i'm taking this picture!!

Sunday 6AM.
Bro Loek and i went for a run into the City and.....were totally shocked. 
Probably due to the nice weather each and everybody had stayed up all night and had used the city as a 
Public Rubbish Field AND Outdoor Toilet...
Wow, what a mess & smell at some places.
As you know, Brussels is also home to Manneken Pis,
but are there so many of them...?

But there were Flowers to the Dark-side!!

Once a year Brussels' main plaza turns into a Flower Bed.
Good thing to be so early...we had the square almost to ourselves...
(just don't look at the rubbish...).

They luff Big and Massive Dwellings ..

 OH NO, in what room did i put my reading glasses...

An early morning veggy store is getting ready for the day.

Wow, a clean road...
Thank you Mademoiselle.

That was fun-running...going down hill, 
no traffic and so many things to look at. 

 Brussels' Palace of Justice...waking up?

Suske and Wiske, one of our favorite cartoons.

Two things Brussels is famous for..

And there he is....
and so is the Lady with the Camera...

Manneken Pis had a pet..and like him, the dog was good at...??
Indeed, so the city made a statue of him doing its bizz.

Oh yes, of course Brussels is heaven for real antique..
and junk.

Early Sunday at the Vossenmarkt.

Two wonderful days.
Thanx for showing us around Sis Jacqueline.


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