Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Ni Mai Season

Ni Mai.

Or in English: Two Layers.
Yep it is cooling down.
There are moments these days we need two layers of clothing.
Tell you, it even feels nice to wear long pants again. 
And sleeping?...No Sweat at All!

First a short report Re a Spin with Esther the Car made early August. 
South of Karatsu is a hilly area where rice is grown on 
man-made terraces, with stone walls.

 An area also with plenty of wild pigs, hence the fence.

Our first target was Mt. Hachiman...
and yoho-yoho, see those antenna towers?
The road should be going Alll the Way. 
Remember, that was still early August..and too HOT to walk.

So......indeed Esther took us all the way to the top...
.....our heads in the clouds.
         And this was the splendid view....

Down we went again and there was the valley.
 Plenty of rice fields, nice and crispy green.

 Who says red should be the color of luff??
Last week Esther made that Spin again...

Oops , it's all mellow-yellow now!
Usually this time of the year the walls around the rice fields are covered with red flowers , but due to the enormous rains Kyushu had this spring.....
No Red to be Seen.
Then a few days later...

Thought so!!
Just around the corner from Alishan: Red Flowers. 

As said, it's much cooler these days, so it's time to re-explore the hills just to the south of Imajuku.
This road is leading to the start of the climb...& most of the trail-run along the mountain ridge you see in this picture (above).

There is a spring with tasty water. Last chance to fill your bottle.

The first Torries leading towards..

Mt Kanonga temple.

...Autumn is here.
Somewhere along the trail.
What a beauty neh.

That is Itoshima, play-ground for last week's ultra marathon.

Hakata Bay, on left-middle Noko Island. 
Alishan is somewhere at the top-right side of this pix.

.....one more shot on the road home.
Rainbow colors?
That was a great trail-run & perfect weather
According to Google Earth some 20Ks. 

That day, even Wakame was tired;-)


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  1. Really like your pictures...Kyushu is so beautiful!
    From Fukuoka with love!