Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Knives and Forks

 Consuming food is an important activity while Family Bonding.
Coming from the Land of Chopsticks, Sushi, Sashimi 
and Slurping Noodles....we noticed: 

 #Food is knife and fork work, one can go fast and eat a lot.
#All food is served like Mountains...
#It all taste so good and there is some much to choose from.

See here a few pictures taken during our visit to the Low Lands.

Food on your plate Marijke: Concentration, concentration!
This was in Brussels at one of the restaurants with an outdoor terrace.

First,  the Mighty Three:

1) Hollandse Nieuwe Haring...
Wow, wake me up any time...

2) Bruintjes kaas
Finding good whole wheat bread in Japan is almost not possible. 
(well, for a price it is...)
Not even talking about Good Old Gouda Cheese...,
 or goat cheese, or Edammer, or....cheese,

3) Stroopwafels with a cup of Good Dutch coffee...
Never ever do you eat only 1 wafel....

And there is more...

Our favorite:
Witlof with some cheese cooked in the oven,
Stampot rauwe andijvie and verse worst.

Cheese croquet.

Sssst: Family at Work

Chicken Curry Madagascar style.

Cooked mussels Brussels' style... portion is for 1 person!
Note the always and ever supplied french (Belgium) fries...

 Hot Poffertjes with an extra portion butter.

Baked eel.

And last, something that was almost like home-sashimi-home: smoked, raw and minced salmon, some ikura and zeekraal (kind of wakame).

Back in Japan...we're showing food-withdrawal symptoms,
and pfff, have an amazing amount of blubber to be burned off.

Where are my running shoes...??


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