Saturday, September 8, 2012

So...So...So Holland

What do you think...??
Great conditions for a bicycle ride neh.

So we did. 
There a zillion bicycles-only trails crisscross Holland...
What a pleasure to paddle...
The only hick-ups are the, they zoom around at amazing speeds and think they own the road....

You see, when it's nice weather and flowers are blooming...
....good to be there.

Somewhere in the dunes, just south of The Hague. 
We had to go to this city "to do" our new passports.
Took us 2 hours cycling to get to the office, NICE.
3 Hours waiting for our turn, Not so nice!
30 minutes to fill out the forms and pay the bills, Easy
And an other pleasant bike ride home to Maassluis
Sore bums by now.
Oh yes, 3 days later, we could pick-up the new documents...
(Way easier than doing this process in Japan: we would have to fly back and forth to Tokyo!!)

Time for an other stroll, this time some heather fields near Wageningen.

The local yacht harbor in Wageningen.
We had stayed here, now almost 30 years ago, with our 
 sailing yacht JAN HARING.

The River Rhine, facing upstream.
That's where we had come from (Arnhem).

This time of the year, the Rhine is from the seas and oceans we have seen ever since...

This location is: Hoek van Holland.
Final stretch of water what started as River Rhine....
Port of departure for us in 1984. 

With Long Time Friend, Crew and Sister 
in front of farmhouse:
yep, it's for sale.. Salute

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