Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Hmmm, What time is it?

Just take a closer look and see..
It's 1 hour after Hoog Water= High Tide.
Also note, it's close to Spring Tide.
Yep it's a High Tide-Low Tide clock.
Apparently invented in and for the Port of Maassluis. 

Maassluis has a long history for being home-port for (ocean going) tugboats.
Now it's more or less a museum port. 
See here two residents. The most famous is the FURIE.
Holland's oldest sea going steam tug boat...almost 100 years old now.

 Some serious steering stuff...,
No-no, no auto-pilots like we have on Alishan and Fu Kyo.

Remember, our world travels with sy Jan Haring started more or less from Maassluis, that was in 1984.
And on paper, Maasluis is home port for  sy Alishan.

When will i see you again....
What's that song again??


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