Saturday, October 16, 2010


Alishan found a nice possy along the wall in Yobuko, position:

33° 32' 589 N
129° 53' 499 E

This town is know as Ika Capital. And indeed everywhere you look, there is squid; Drying and Flying.

?? Flying ??
Yes, they use a spinning set-up to dry the squid.

But of course the best way to eat squid is....RAW = sashimi

Now with Melissa and Edwin on board we decided NOT to go for raw squid: Sashimi ika is still tooo much for them ;-(

So the menu for last nights dinner was "not fishy".

Hmm, No Way.
Our neighbor fisherman decided that we had to eat squid... And gave us a load life-ones!

Happy crew, there was enough for all of us, incl Nori and Wakame. And yes, Edwin loves it too.

This is our last stop before Fukuoka...looking forward to see all our friends again.


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