Saturday, October 9, 2010

Moved to Mie

Early Sunday morning we made a move to Mie, see previous blog report. For Edwin and Melissa those whopping 10 sea miles where the first ever on a sailboat...and all went well. There was not even 10 knots of wind (of course on the Nose).
And yes we had a great time at Nagasaki and its bubbling O Kunchi festival. Just only a few rain showers spoiled the fun briefly, but all in all the weather was perfect. We met up with Satoshi, Nobuko and Michio.
And there was the Sawamura Family , organizing a local typhoon on board of Alishan.
What a fun.
Thank you all for the good times!
On a sour note were the local customs office people, showing their "power". Ha, they were almost disappointed that we had all our papers in order! Okayokay, they do their work...but....   Informing them that for example THEY hadn't informed their own Fukue branch of our planned arrival...the answer was not even: Oh sorry we made a mistake. So we keep on smiling.
The weather looks good for this week, Alishan will move further N , Hirado here we come.

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